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Welcome to this demo sandbox site; this site is a work in progress, and may change nightly. You'll face a few broken links and some bad design choices, and I apologize up front for that. I'm aware of it and will make sure to yell at my QA team (me) and design team (also me).

Currently, this site employs AngularJS as the front-end javascript framework and to provide data binding. The site also uses Twitter Bootstrap to facilitate the responsive design for mobile tablets and phones. I'll be adding in jQuery Mobile as well, and I have already ported this code successfully to an android app via PhoneGap. At that point, I'll also be utilizing the PhoneGap notifications APIs and maybe others, but first things first: webapp.

The local data is currently hardcoded as .json objects, which will be supplemented with a mongoDB non-relational database in the near future. In addition, the site already pulls some data from ESPN APIs for some basic sports listings. (Way too basic, ESPN, not cool.) The site also pulls in "news" from twitter and team pictures from flickr. It also supports Gravatar images for manager logos. I've experimented with pulling facebook connections as well, however don't have immediate plans to publish out to facebook in the near future. The more important problem to solve first is the ability to source in stats on an affordable level.

The plan here is to revamp the api and mimic something similar to the Yahoo Fantasy Football experience. Only, it will be simpler and geared towards a more casual sports audience. Once the back-end support is setup, I'll focus on the design details a bit more.

Thanks for checking it out,

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